Jura-Capresso 13467 ENA3 Automatic Coffee Espresso

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cheap! Jura-Capresso 13467 ENA3 Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center, Black

Jura-Capresso 13467 ENA3 Automatic Coffee and Espresso Center, Black

Product Description
The Jura-Capresso ENA3 is the world's slimmest Automatic Espresso and Coffee machine, only 9.5-inches wide. If you want the freedom to choose any coffee bean you like, the genuine flavor of the bean in your cup and the option to adjust the strength of the coffee to suit your taste….then look no further. Make ENA, which comes from the Greek meaning number ONE, your first choice.. The ENA3 is environmentally friendly and economical to use With an innovative zero energy switch the ENA3 draws no standby energy and when the unit is used infrequently the Energy Save Mode can be switched on to reduce power consumption to an absolute minimum. ENA3 has single button operation. Simply turn and push a button and enjoy. Programming the ENA3 is simple and intuitive. The programming and maintenance buttons are concealed behind an elegant panel. With the Rotary Switch and the interactive display, navigating through the programming mode or the automatic cleaning and maintenance program is a snap. The ENA3 has an All Black body.

  • Espresso machine with stainless-steel-lined thermoblock and 18 bars of pressure
  • Grinds, tamps, brews, and cleans in under 60 seconds--at the touch of a button
  • Conical steel burr grinder; pre-ground coffee funnel; removable water tank; frother
  • Customizable strength, temperature, and amount; rotary dial for easy programming
  • Measures 17 by 9 by 14 inches; 2-year limited warranty

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Great Coffee, Bad Water Container
This is our third Capresso (or Jura Capresso) superautomatic coffee machine. In our experience these machines last only a few years before needing repair but they make such good coffee, so easily and quickly, that we keep coming back to them. We've tried other brands and none rivals Jura Capresso's coffee. This is our first machine of the Ena generation, however. We just bought an Ena 3. While the coffee is as good as that of previous models, the new design is disappointing. The rotary dial is a pain but it is tolerable once you master it. The water tank, on the other hand, is an absolute nightmare. We can only make three mugs of coffee before it must be refilled, and the rear location of the tank makes that task very difficult, especially since our machine must be located on a kitchen countertop beneath upper cabinets. In addition we have under-cabinet lighting, and it's hard to remove the water tank for refilling without bumping into the lights and burning your hand. In my opinion the few inches reduction in the width of the machine is insignificant compared to the inconvenience of the new water tank's size and location. Unless Jura redesigns the water tank, I doubt we'll be buying a fourth coffeemaker from them. Maybe we'll just have our old one repaired and use it for a few more years!

Forget your coffee machine, this is better
For the past two decades my wife and I have been replacing our coffee machine every few years. They eventually break, wear down, get grimey and are hard to keep clean. We were looking at the many "one cup" coffee options and never really considered a super automatic espresso machine.

On recomendation of a friend, we tried the Jura Capresso series for making coffee. that's right, we use this to make our morning cup of joe, not shots of espresso, lattes or anything else. This machine is a SUPERB coffee machine replacement if you are like us and have a cup each in the morning about a half hour apart. Each of us get a piping hot, consistently good cup of coffee.

Basically you just program your machine to brew 8oz of expresso, and set the strength to strong, and you will get a great cup of coffee each time. The taste is very rich, almost like a cafe americano (shot of espresso with hot water).

The trick is that you need to get good beans. Nothing from Starbucks or Peets. We get our beans from a fantastic place in Seattle called Espresso Vivace ([...]) and it's hands down the best tasting stuff.

The machine is really fully automatic. It even keeps itself very clean. And no need to descale it as long as you use the Jura Capresso filters.

The only downside to this machine is that the water reservoir is small if you are like us, brewing 8oz of coffee at a time.

For Latees, not so good
I bought this for Christmas 3 months ago. I make only latees so can't comment on its expresso. After following directions, which were very good, the milk frother exploded off the machine the first time I used the machine - splattering milk around. Upon calling the company a month later when I was fed up with the problem, they sent a new frother, which did not come off.

One day, when I attempted to steam milk, smoke arose from the back of the machine. I unplugged the machine and called the company, and they sent a new machine, postage paid both ways. The new machine works fine without blasting off the frother. The customer service is very good.

The ability to use decaf grounds when your beans are regular works very well. It warns you when you need to add beans, add water or empty grounds.

My complaint with the machine is that it does not make better foam than my old Krups Il Primo, which costs under $100. The foam is not as fine as the Compresso that my daughter owns which is 6 years old and is no longer made. The water container is small, and needs refilling more than once a day for my 5 cups. The taste is not the knock your socks off latee that one gets from the better cafes or that my daughter gets.

Best Bean to Cup Espresso Machine, Love it!
I purchased this machine for my husband and myself after Christmas to replace our 2 yr. old Gaggia Coffee Deluxe. We had so many problems with the Gaggia we gave up on making a good non stovetop espresso. We found it in the ENA 3. We chose the ENA 3 because it was affordable and we really didn't need the express frother and the few other features the ENA 5 had.

We are thrilled with the ease of use and the easy to follow instructions. We have tried several different beans and they have all produced a great cup of espresso with great crema. We have made espresso, cappuccino, lattes and hot chocolate. They have all turned out superb. The machine is almost self cleaning. It rinses after heating just before making the first cup and when you shut the machine down. You only have to dump the grounds and clean the drip trays from the rinsing. A very easy process. The unit came with a great DVD, clearyl water filter and 2 cleaning tablets.

We now start our day with an espresso and another in the afternoon. It is just so simple to use and we are really enjoying our cups of coffee.

We would highly recommend this machine.

Great espresso machine; make great espresso drinks at home
I have been drinking french pressed coffee for many years and recently bought an ENA 3 so I can make latte and other milk/soy milk based drinks.

I bought my ENA 3 from Bed bath and beyond with the 20% off coupon; wish Amazon do price matching.

What I like about this machine:

1. Small(9" width), take up less less counter space than any other super automatic machines on the market.

2. Ease of use-can be as easy as press one button to make a cup of coffee

3. The coffee/espresso taste great and reasonably easy to make a milk/soy milk based drinks

4. Easy to clean and maintain


1. As the other reviewer noted, the rotary button can be a bit confusing. Take a few practice run to get it right.

2. Wish the water tank is in the front


After six weeks of use, I am very very happy with the machine. The machine makes better espresso drinks(way better than Starbucks). I tried Lilly but moved on to try Lavazza espresso beans due to price.

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